Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rum Cake Pops

Over the weekend, a client requested Rum Cake Balls and of course not wanting to say no without at least an attempt, I said sure...all the while having a "HUH" moment lol.  I have to admit I've never even tasted rum cake before but I was sure that it should probably have a sweet rum flavor throughout the cake which would also have to be tasted beyond the white chocolate coating of the cake ball. So, I started with our vanilla cake recipe with some tweaks, added rum to the batter as well as made a rum syrup to really intensify the flavor. If that wasn't enough I added rum to the cream cheese frosting for reassurance. Although, I'm not fond of the slightest taste of alcohol, I really did fancy the flavor. LOL using words like fancy, maybe I taste tested a little too much..just playing. The cake balls were made, white on white as requested, and with the extras, cake pops for our impromptu slumber party were made. I really hope our client enjoyed them just as much as the EBD team and family.... even my mom who is NOT a drinker at all thought they tasted pretty good...btw tomorrow's her b-day...
Happy Birthday Mommy!!!

Sweet Rum Cake Pops

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sesame Street Dessert Table...

We're Kids in a Candy Store w/Twizzlers & Lemon Heads
Cookie Monster Cupcakes eating his favorite, "Coooookies"
Elmo Cake Balls & Mini Whoopie Pies
Juicy Strawberries & Grapes/Mini Red Velvets & Whoopies
Sunny Days For Sure!
Elmo Cake Pops
Adults Can Enjoy Cake Pops Too ;)
What A Happy First Birthday

All Desserts Made W/Love by Us!