Makes Allergen Free Goodies

EveryBuddy ♡'s sweet treats! We delight in baking and experimenting with foods and desserts both sweet and savory.  We especially love to take a classic recipe like a red velvet cake and transform it into something special for my little girl Cymaé, to enjoy, as she suffers from multiple food allergies. Through trial and error we are able to create treats that are not only allergen free but delicious as well.  Once we test the recipe and she approves, yes she's also a picky eater on top of having allergies, we then like to share it with any and everyone who suffers from food allergies and or sensitivities. Some people dream of decadent desserts but are limited due to their allergies or intolerences. With that said, we feel that EveryBuddy deserves to not only dream but to enjoy a sweet treat or two, or a few in their life time!

Since her birthday is coming up, I wanted to make cupcakes that she would be able to eat on her day. We usually buy, her "special" cupcake-cake, from a kosher bakery close to home.  However, we wanted to make red velvet cupcakes for our quests, to go with the red and purple theme of the party, and did not want her to feel excluded. So I took my trusty recipe for red velvet, with the help of some vegan sites in ingredient substitution, was able to convert the recipe using what she could safely consume. Since I always have a box of the Easter edition food colorings on deck, courtesy of my mom because she loves the vibrancy of the blue in our blue suede cake, I used three different colors from that box. The "rainbow velvet" cake came out as moist as could be and had a very pleasant taste, very similar to red velvet; I barely missed the buttermilk.You would never guess it was dairy, *soy (milk), and egg free. Unfortunately, for those who have a gluten allergy it is not gluten free. We will try to work on that next. 

Dairy Free Fruity Pebble Treat Pops
Fruity Pebble Treat Pops- follow the Rice Krispie Treats recipe which you could find on the cereal box or their website,, substituting the butter for a Vegan butter, we used Earth's Balance. After it is pressed down into a buttered dish, use a cookie cutter to cut out your desired shape, gently stick a lollipop stick into the bottom, wrap in cellophane or treat baggies or not. Enjoy!

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Rainbow "Velvet" Cupcake
Rainbow Velvet Cake

Banana Cinnamon Pancakes