Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's My Party and I Bounce If I Want To ☺

This past weekend we celebrated Cymae's ④th. Birthday @ Bounce U. A place where both kids and adults could really enjoy themselves, bouncing, sliding, and just goofing around. Although we planned this party @ a designated party place, we were still able to add our little touches to really personalize the event to add a little cute, sweet, and yummy. We made all of Cymae's favorite treats to share with everyone. We focused on incorporating foods w/a circular shape associated w/bouncy objects like balls. Our "Snack Bar/Dessert Lounge" included, Red Velvet cupcakes to go w/the red & purple color scheme, Cake Balls, Grapes, Trix for the littlest bouncers to snack on and Fruity Pebble Treat Pops. The Fruity Pebble Treat Pops were made w/a dairy free butter, to accommodate Cymae's dairy allergy. We attached a circle shaped tag on the back, with the print, "Thank's 4 Bouncing Around With Me, ♡Sammi (her nickname for a personal touch). Since Bounce U goodie bags are not intended for children under 3, we made cute little baby & toddler friendly goodie bags for our babies who attended. Special for the birthday girl, a dairy and egg free red and purple "velvet" cupcake to top the dessert tower. We've included the recipe in our EveryBuddy Bakes and Allergen Free sections. Bounce U allowed us to really personalize the party with a dessert table and it was fun doing so, as much fun as it was bouncing around!

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