Friday, September 10, 2010

Out With The Old, In With The New...Color That Is

I bought a closet last year from Home Depot because I need some more storage space. It was a plain ole white closet as you can see, no big deal. I bought white because it was the cheapest(white is always cheapest), quickest way to find a solution to my storage problems it was also out of the way, so I really didn't mind the color. Well, now due to new storage issues and a change in positioning, I needed to move the location of the closet to, one of the most used spaces...the living room. Since the closet is in the living room now, I decided to paint it. I chose GOLD. I love gold in all forms, especially metallic. So here are my pictures. I highly recommend a primer, because the material used to make this cabinet does not hold color well. So remember to prime if you take on such a project. I bought some metallic gold paint(Painter's Choice) and went to work. I painted three coats and then did touch ups. It was quick and I was finished in an hour, complete drying time was a day. I used a roller brush and like I said, I did it in no time. I also changed the hardware(bronze), which was $3.59 a handle at Home Depot. The paint was $7.68 and the roller was $2.98(2 pk). I would suggest the purchase of a good paint brush, that should be less that $10. This was a great UPCYCLE moment.


  1. I love love love the gold! Normally I'm more of a silver girl, but I have totally been leaning towards gold everything! It's such a pretty, rich looking color.

  2. Thanks! I know exactly what you mean Ali, I use to love the silvers, but GOLD is rich and I am so loving it.


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