Monday, October 25, 2010

Sweet Words From You...Thank You Much!

We thought we'd share some of the awesome feedback and love we have been receiving. We appreciate it all, always!

Miss Rashidah writes:

It goes without saying- you women are Off the Chain with these cupcakes. You have gained the attention of the cocktail party attendees, a brooklyn house party and a college study group. Everyone is amazed at the large amount of taste within such a cute mini package. The texture, the moisture, the presentation and greatest of all the taste- is absolutely astounding... I salute the effort and love that you ladies place into being the pastry queens you are because without that love it wouldn't be this amazing. I eagerly anticipate the day when you all have your very own storefront and the world gets to take the same pleasure in your tasty delights...

Isis writes:

Your business will prosper because those cupcakes were made with love, they were awesome
Put me on speed dial!
My son, Isaiah said "a nice lady must have made these cause these are soooooo good- now mommy can I get some milk?"

1 comment:

  1. These words are definitely sweet inspiration for us to keep going...always giving it our love and our all. Every bit of sacrifice is worth this! With that said, we'll continue to happily go hard or go home!


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