Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kids Craft: Polymer Clay Day

...so for this week's CSI Project Kid's Craft challenge, I decided to designate Monday, Polymer Clay day. Which was perfect since it was so hot outside and we've exhausted the pool, the beach, the park, etc. Well,  maybe I'm the only one exhausted with those particular summer "adventures," with two little ones, everyday is an adventure! Besides, my husband's back to work from his little "vacation" and there's no way I'm taking them to the water park, pool, or beach by myself, ahh ahh, no way, José. So a great, super inexpensive, stress free, fun kid friendly craft is molding all kinds of mini cuteness with polymer clay. After just a few moments of starting this project I soon realized this was as therapeutic as baking, as long as I did not worry too much about the kid's techniques or the mess which wasn't bad at all. It was quite a controlled and organized mess. I threw caution to the wind and let them do their thing which is not easy for me because I tend to micromanage. Sweet treats were on my mind of course so that was my subject. We made charms, key chains, barrettes, and little miniature accessories and food for their doll house. I didn't think I was going to enjoy myself so much creating these little charms. This is definitely a craft for mostly all ages, from my 4 year old, to my 14 year old sister, to myself; we genuinely enjoyed playing with clay and was proud of our creations! Too bad these aren't edible, I surely don't feel like cooking dinner now!

I've included pics for your viewing pleasure, well not really, they are there so you can take a look at what you need and see a visual tutorial. I would have 'Vlogged' it but I don't want to hear my own voice and trust me you don't want to either....happy polymer clay day, enjoy!

Supplies: ●Molding Clay from your local craft store ($1.99 small pack of one color, or $9 pack of 12 different colors, you can also buy a pack of white and just paint it with acrylic paints after it's molded if you have some on hand and don't want to spend the extra money) ● Work Surface (I used an old left over ceramic tile) ●Something to cut the clay (I used a paint scraper because I didn't want any blades left around)●Something to bake the clay on designated for the clay and not food ever again(I used tin foil)
Optional Materials● A Glaze which makes the pieces have a nice shine, but please parents do the glazing, it's a toxic paint but if you look around you could probably find something that is not as toxic●A paint brush to apply the glaze (it's best to use a paint brush that won't shed bristles, an old make up brush that won't shed is a good option)●Pin heads to make charms●Findings around the house like ribbon, hair clips, key chain rings, paper clips, cheap measuring spoons(measuring spoons in the picture are not for measuring anything for this project, it was just something I found around the house that was no longer useful)●Craft Pasta Machine(This is not necessary at all especially for small projects, all you really need is a little elbow grease. The only reason I bought this tool was because someone in the craft store handed me a 40% off coupon and I just couldn't let it go to waste, could I now? I only paid $15 for it from original price of $25. My sister did enjoy playing with it but not suggested for little fingers)

Step 1: You have to condition your clay, make it soft and pliable. To do that you press with fingers and roll into a ball in the palms of your hands, roll into a snake, and repeat that process until it's nice and soft. The kids will enjoy this part.

Knead and Roll the clay to condition it, make soft, and pliable

Step 2: Once it's soft enough to mold with ease, shape it into anything your little hearts' desire. Below are step by step photos on making a cupcake charm.
After you have baked it in the oven for 15 minutes @ 275°, then let it cool. You can stop right there or choose to glaze it. Glazing should be done by the parents or children old enough to do so carefully and responsibly, please use your discretion. Remember the dish or surface that you used to bake the polymer clay on, please designate that for clay only and never use it again for food. Along with any tools you use.
See below for glazing after it is out the oven and has cooled:
Add your charms to a necklace, charm bracelet, key chain; glue to hair clips, ribbon, or just play with them
 My cute, sweet, yummy oldest baby Cymaé, enjoying her cute, sweet, and yummy charms!

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  1. These are super CUTE! I think I'm going to go out and buy some polymer today. I have a few 40% off coupons for Michael's. Looks like major miniature fun.

  2. Polymer clay always scares me because I can never figure out ANYTHING to do with it. Not only are these things DARLING, but they seem absolutely do-able!

  3. -These were a lot of fun to make. You can even knead and mold your clay while watching cupcake wars for a little inspiration.
    -Yes they are so do-able. I didn't make anything too complicated and intricate so it was not stressfull and pretty easy.

  4. Those cupcake charms sure are CUTE!! Food charms seem to be everywhere - how fun to create your own : )

  5. These are so cute, and to think, you can pay up to $50 for a Juicy Couture charm. These are great! Good Work Buddy!


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