Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh How I Love Gravy

I have always been a fan a gravy, ever since child hood. You add gravy to it and I will eat it. So today’s post is about making a great gravy for any poultry or beef.

Things you will need:

Stock or broth -poultry or beef canned ( I prefer the juices from whichever meat I am using)
Flour or Corn Starch ( I prefer flour, but both work great)
Kitchen Bouquet-browning agent

This is pretty basic and very hard to mess up. Now many people when they are making gravy, make it right in the pan with the meat that they are using, I found that this does not always work well. So here is the trick, if you didn’t know. Depending on the amount of stock or broth that you are using spoon out and separate a little less than half in to a bowl(make sure the liquid is very hot) add in a teaspoon of flour or cornstarch at a time. Whisk swiftly, as you add in more dry ingredients(flour or cornstarch) the gravy will thicken. Remember that you still have liquid left over so you can make it thicker if you wish. Remember to keep whisking, you don’t want the dry ingredients that you added to make your gravy clumpy. After you have reached the desired thickness add a teaspoon of kitchen bouquet(FOR DARKER GRAVIES) , add your liquid back to your meat. Done. I made some chicken breasts with bow tie pasta just last night and cooked the pasta in the chicken gravy, it was just divine. I think I will eat the leftovers for dinner. :-)

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